How many ways can we make you STAND OUT? Lets count the ways.

At SOS Media Production Company, we believe in partnering with YOU (our clients) so that the message(s) you want conveyed to your fan base is first and foremost perfected by us. So, we are obsessed with the joint efforts of our professional team and our clients. That is our secret to  making a social impact that makes all the difference to your target audience.



SOS Media Production Company offers a full-service package on all Motion Picture production concerns for our clients. From the conceptualization of that idea or script that you can’t seem to quiet put into a screen play,  to the post-production and final editing stages of your idea, we are excited to put your ideas on the big screen.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 04:  Drone operator, Ken Butti lands the custom built DJI s1000 Drone at Palm Beach on July 4, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. Commercial and recreational UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) sales in Australia have regulators concerned about safety, privacy and security, while the commercial industries of mining, farming, property, and sport are embracing the new technology. Under the current CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) regulations all unmanned aircraft weighing more than 2kg need to have a UAS operators certificate. Licensed operators are not allowed to fly above 400ft, not within 5km of an airfield boundary and can't fly within 30 metres of people not involved with the operation.  (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)


The SOS Media Production Company’s team work together with our YOU (our partners) to ensure that your documentaries are expressed in the most authentic form without altering the very organic messages embedded in the reality that you are trying to portray through the eye of the camera.



Series are the new hype on television at the moment and by far some of the most authentic content with interesting twists  has come to make a place for them on the big screen. At SOS we know that a series production needs a properly managed budget, which in turn needs a proper plot and an engaging storyline. SOS understands the dynamics of a good film series, more importantly we are such avid fans we have mastered the processes of making film series that will have your target audience coming back for more.



At SOS Media Production Company, we understand that sight and sound are powerful elements of expression, perhaps this is why audiences around the world cannot get enough of new music releases or new music videos. But as we all know, not all music videos gets noticed and thats an outcome we will not accept. At SOS, we have the know how to shape your music videos  into the most talked about spectacle of the day.



The right brands on the right video can make a world of difference and do a lot of good for both the brand and the celebrity attached to that brand.
To find out more about how we can help you with sponsorship, contact us or we would love to hear from you!

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Everyone knows that marketing and promotions matter if a motion picture, film, artist, celebrity ANYTHING  is going to have the desired social impact that it was originally created for.  SO, why don’t we help you create the kind of buzz that can do wonders for your business



We are not only good in ENTERTAINMENT  we are also good in the BOARDROOM

At SOS Media Production Company,  we offer Business to Business video making Services and Video Making for Online marketing purposes. We stick with our cooperate partners from the making of the video script that is best suited to their target audience to final product.



Television Adverts have been the most effective method of reaching the target audience of the most renowned brands since the advent of the television age. In the sea of commercials currently on television, SOS Media Production Company has an objective to make your ad stand out from the crowd.