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The GOOD Kind of Pain

22 February, 2018.  5 Minute Read. By Stanley Obiamalu.

If you have ever heard the words ‘be patient’ and you have had to wait a length of time for anything, then you must have the experience that patience is not the easiest action. Waiting sucks! And waiting for a lengthy period of time can tempt even the most enduring and long-suffering person.

In a lot of ways, waiting has tested me sorely! I have had to wait for things that I needed desperately. I have been tested and tried by patience and I have learnt that patience is in fact a virtue that comes with some amazing benefits. And below is an outline of some of the benefits of patience:

PATIENCE prepares the YOU:
Patience is an asset one that stays with whomever that will endure the pain that it brings. It is an asset that does not only strengthen the bearer but also prepares him or her for the storms of life and the challenges of of growing a business.

I have had to face some really big challenges at SOS and it was my experience with patience over a long period of time that got me to endure the bad days and still achieve my goals in spite of the stumbling blocks and set backs.

Patience is one of the top ingredients needed to achieve long-term results, it is the factor that I needed to conquer those situations in live and business that would otherwise break us or stop us in our stride. You will observe that in an adverse situation, those who keep calm, take a step back analyze the situation and create options as to how to defeat unexpected challenges are the ones who conquer the adverse situation. The ability to keep calm and be rational in an adverse situation is something that is learned over a period of years and this tutelage, is only acquired through patience.

PATIENCE molds YOU into a success:
Scientist and psychologists suggest that people who are willing to wait for a certain period of time rather that give in to immediate gratification are more likely to achieve such a great reward that it transforms them into a success over time. It has also been researched that without the wait, nothing worth while can be achieved.



 Ballet is one of the hardest art forms on Earth

Ballet is one of the most difficult dance art forms to master and  ballerina’s must endure and imbibe rigorous training and even physical pain to become a major success in ballet dancing.  I do not know of any successful person who did not endure some sort of pain in form of patience before he or she became a success. Jay-Z, Cash Money, Ice Prince Zamani, Wiz Kid to business mogul such as Jeff Bezos (AMAZON), Steve Jobs (APPLE), Aliko Dangote (DANGOTE GROUP), had to wait to be successful. It may sound cliché but good things do come to those who wait.

PATIENCE helps YOU make fewer mistakes:
Have you ever had a situation where you made a bad decision in the spur of the moment? I’m guessing that everyone has, everyone including me. We are all guilty of making those decisions that we end up calling mistakes. You know, the decision to drink that last glass of wine when you know that you are at your limit, the decision to fund that project you weren’t patient enough to research properly. Well, I have  been a  victim of impatient decisions and what I have learnt is with patience all things become clearer, decisions become more informed and with these informed decisions come fewer mistakes.

PATIENCE helps YOU build a reputation:
Right now at the top of your hat, think about someone famous that you admire. For me at the moment, I can only think about my father. Although my dad is not into film making and directing, he is into granite mining and in all the years that he has become who he is today, he has had to build his reputation of a lengthy period of time. I’m talking about over 3 decades, I have been in motion picture and film making for less than a decade and I am still building my reputation. I aspire to be more renown, I aspire to have a visual empire and in the building of my empire I have learnt that reputation building takes time and consistency.

Self mastery is needed to navigate the ups and downs of life but self-mastery is one of the most difficult attributes to acquire. Immediate gratification is not what strong men and strong business minds are made of. You ought to have self control so that the decisions which you make on a daily basis is a stepping stone to attaining your long term goals and long standing success.
A lack of patience is a sure sign that there is a lack of self control and these two vices in tandem stagnates progress.

PATIENCE helps you BUILD the right team:
There is no business that grows alone, you need the right team members to  attain the great heights that you have envisioned for yourself.  It takes patience to know who will stand the test of time with your business, who will be the long standing part of your business and who will leave your business.

It takes time to build a successful business and in this time space where everything seems to be fast paced, there is a very huge spectrum of people who have unrealistic expectations. And these expectations are often mistaken as signs to give up. But a clear understanding of patience and trusting the process of development  is very important so that we don’t give up at the first time of challenges.

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