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27 January, 2018. 8 minute read. By: Stanley Obiamalu

At SOS Media Production Company, we are privileged to have worked with and still work with some of the most prestigious global brands. I am exceptionally encouraged to know that some of these brands some of these brands have stayed with us over the years as we keep signing new contracts.

Brand placements also termed as embedded marketing is a marketing technique where brands and products are incorporated into music video, films, documentaries, TV shows and other visual entertainments including video games.

 ” The fusion of the right brand in a music video can mean great benefits for both brand and artist”

Brand placement is the deliberate incorporation of a product into a film, music video or TV program in exchange for compensationThe amount of the compensation is not a fixed sum, but it is  highly dependent on the potential audience that are going to watch the motion picture and the prominence of the placement. Some product placements involves more subliminal placement of the product within a scene or a visual. While others spoken lines that make mention of the brand or its product in the lyrics of a song or in the dialogue of a film.


Oh!Look; its spiderman on a yellow car and beside him is a Carlsberg Beer Truck…

Now you may be wondering what a director and creative genius like me could know about brand placements. Well, the answer lies in the fact that I have been approached by a few brands in the past to embed their products into the videos that I have shot. And these are some of the things that I have learnt about branded entertainment that is mutually beneficial for both the brand and the music video.

Global companies and marketing experts have come to embrace brand placement as a cheaper yet effective method of advertising and promoting their brands to the public. Advertisers have become increasingly concerned about the efficiency and effectiveness of traditional advertising placements in television radio and print and so, they have turned to alternative approaches of advertising through product placement.

This in turn means that, brand placement is the new hot stuff for marketers and  brand executives that want to market their product.  Product placements have been around for some time and  it has gained more popularity in the twenty-first century than decades past. Product placement has become so popular that it is almost impossible to watch a feature film, TV show or play a video game without spotting many instances of product placements. Even celebrities who have a new product such as a clothing line or a perfume line have come to embrace brand/product placement.

A great  example of product placement in a Hollywood block buster is The Man of Steel movie of 2013 a huge hit spawning the Batman and Superman: Dawn of Justice and rebooting the whole Just League franchise. But it also did something else. It took $160 million in funding from the use of product placement. This money came from over 100 global brands who paid money to the producers of the film to have their brand feature in the superman mega hit.

Before Casino Royal was shown on TV the motor brand Ford paid around $14 million to have James Bond drive the FORD Mondeo a new project development for Ford in the up and coming film Casino Royale. It was on screen for barely three minutes, which equates to over $78,000 per second. And  this is just one of the brands that had their products on the film. Other brands like Sony also had there brand logos and products on Casino Royale.

The Sony VAIO doubled it sales after it appeared in the Casino Royale…. This was great brand placement

In an article written by Laura Petrecca in 2006, Laura noted that most people have become much more  desensitized (less sensitive) to traditional advert messages. In fact, people now avoid adverts,  flicking through other channels while there is a commercial break if there were watching a TV program or show. They also avoid them using tools such as AD blockers.

You know you are guilty of watching the skip Ad button too!

There are also concerns however that product placement can be intrusive and can distract the audience from the story being told. When viewers easily spot the placements , they might become annoyed with the product and it might have an adverse effect rather than a compliment the video. However, at SOS we have worked with different brands and get different products involved in the music videos that we shoot hence, we always meet the exception of our very sensitive target audience.

We work with our brand placement partners insights and marketing goals to bring a fresh perspective on how to best represent their brand in our videos by working on their directives and executing their  tasks, bringing in new ideas and fresh insights so as to maximize the brands presence in the video.

We are  a visual empire in the making and we intend to keep it that way by ensuring that all brands involved with Team SOS shine.