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December 21, 2017.  8 minute read. by: Stanley Obiamalu

If you have ever wondered where the time has gone or how time flies then this could be a great read for you. In some way, time has tricked us all and will continue to trick us if we don’t make the best use of NOW!

One of my favorite activities is to absorb all the things going on around me. It is one of the skills that I have honed unknowingly, it’s odd but, no matter where I am, not matter what I am doing and no matter whom I may have around me, I take on the stance of a student and learn. Let’s be clear though,  not all things appeal to me and so, I filter those things out and focus on everything else and even those that I  have filtered out are lessons that have directly or indirectly shaped my outlook on life.

“Time keeps on moving even when we stop” – Stanley Obiamalu

I am a student of life and I learn primarily by observing, absorbing and appreciating everything  even when I am outside my comfort zone. And amongst my greatest lessons,  is the knowledge  I have gained from  those who make the best use of the now. Those who understand that 24hrs in a day adds up to 48 hours in two days and it goes on continuously even when our time is up!

When I say time is up, I don’t mean death or anything that dark, I mean the time you could have used to be two years  in that business venture is up, the time you could have used to achieve that university degree is up, the time you could have used to work on that idea is up, the time you could have used to attain all the things you set out to achieve is up, the time you could have used to prepare for that opportunity is over and here you are still not doing what you could have done last year, two years ago, three years ago or even right now!

    “Now is the only time we have any control over”

It may surprise you as it does surprise me that most people are not at all mindful that time is all they really have and DON’T. Time is a trickster,  it is not obvious, it does not slow-down it goes at it own pace, with a mind set of its own, quietly sneaking up on us, until one day its too late and  we are blaming life for all the things that time and choice is to be blamed for. Time is a very FOCUSED, an unwavering culprit. It cannot be convinced, it cannot be bribed, it cannot be stopped and it can never be reversed.

If you have noticed, I use the term ‘WE’ because I am very guilty of wasting time because I did not understand its value and it tricked me and sometimes it still tricks me. But, I have discovered a counter trick that has helped me achieve great personal success and success at SOS Media Production Company. But before I share this neat trick with  you I have a few questions to ask you?

What are you doing right now? You are reading my blog.But after this 8 minute read, what will you be doing? Some people have a clear concise plan of what they want to do right after this read and believe it or not some people don’t so my questions are for those who don’t.  What will be your next plan? What is your next  focus and what action(s) are you going to take to make your dream(s) a reality?

You can grab a pen and some paper, I’ll wait for you to make a list however, if you haven’t thought this far, then you can keep reading to find out my step by step tricks to achieving  your goals in spite of the time that you have lost.

Now, let me share my trick with you and this trick has been used by many successful men and women before me and it can surely work for you! The trick I’m talking about is a step by step guide to making the best use of time and ultimately achieving your goals.

 “Every aspect of the work that I do starts with me strategizing at my desk”.


What do you plan on doing or have you been trying to do? Remember the idea of NOW and get to it. Start right now, not when everything is perfect, not when you are in the best place in your life, but start.

“Don’t be this guy”

I know the timing is not right, I know the cash is not available, I know somebody else stole your idea and started doing the thing you wanted to do, but start anyway. Outline that plan and start creating strategies to make it a reality.


For those who have more than one plan, I advice that you take baby steps. I know you are a multitasking genius that has all the potential in the world but stick to ONE thing and don’t get worn out by a multitude of tasks. Focus on one thing and one thing only and when you have perfected that one thing then you can move on to the next. If you decide to do a multitude of things at the same time, you will be overwhelmed and you may not achieve anything at all.



Focusing on your goal, idea, move or cause in spite of all the distractions that might come your way  is more likely to propel you into the success you want to be. No one ever said it was going to be easy and the reality is that some days, you may not feel like getting up and doing any work. But a focused mind understand that feelings are a distraction and doesn’t let his feelings rule his drive.

I know I am meant to write on how to take action but, I have had many people seek out my opinion, advice and thoughts on goals and achievements and most of them often believe that the complicated the goal, the more likely it will be a success.

So, let me touch on the beauty of simplicity; the best processes, services, music, movies, clothing, games etc are the ones that are premised on a SIMPLE idea. Great ideas are premised on simple ideas even though as actions begins to get executed around an idea it can be like sliding up a slippery slope, keeping it simple doesn’t mean that the journey is simple, but at least you have a clear cut idea of where you are going and the ACTIONS you have to take to get there.

Lights, camera , action. Imagine that the spot light was on you and the camera was rolling! Now its time for you to act. Act like you are who you would like to be, act like that musician you want to see selling out tours, act like that director you want to be filming ‘A’ list super stars, fake it like you have made it!
Now that you have simplified your idea it is time to take action. DO it NOW, don’t leave it for next week. Keep in mind that you can never get today back so , go on and make the best use of it.

If you have ever had to go anywhere or traveled outside your immediate environment, you have a mental image of the destination in mind? Think about it, when you say I’m going to the mall to watch a movie, you at least have the image of the cinema in view, the image of the movie you have selected or at least an image of the popcorn stand.

We often have an idea of what where want to go or at least what we want to look like when we have achieved all the things that we want. So get that scrap book, and start cutting out those things that will make all the difference in your world once you are able to achieve your goal. Put this visual board somewhere you can see it and believe me the zeal to get up and get to work will never stop coming. Create a visual board for your self! And grind till you own everything on that board.

Nothing good comes easy and thats the reality of starting or sustaining any dream, you  must understand that the process of change does not occur on a superficial level just by mere “Positive thinking”. It involves exploring , discovering, discerning and changing our deepest most basic attitudes towards life. Thats why I encourage whoever is reading this, to check out of his or her current reality of where they are and focus on where they want to be.

“Keep on keeping on”

I did not always have a clear vision, I wasn’t always confident in what I could do, I did not have everything handed to me on a platter and I was discouraged a lot. But, I think I was always in my head, I was always dreaming and strategizing, I never gave up and you shouldn’t too.

These are the instructions I have followed personally on a daily basis  to achieve my goals and building my visual empire!


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