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The Media house welcomes a Brand New Equipment The Pro Camera Stabilizer from CAME-TV


The Pro Camera Stabilizer from CAME-TV is a stabilizer that can hold cameras of up to 33 lb. The included monitor bracket is height adjustable. The head of the base plate features power, AV, and HDMI connectors.

  • Height of Monitor bracket can be adjusted and rotated in all directions
  • Includes a low-shooting bracket
  • 3-Line-in Carbon Fiber post


Full CAME-TV stabilizer rig with CAME Field monitor 7”, c-stand, and sand bag.

HDMI and SDI compatible sled.

CAME Field monitor 7” has HDMI input, 2x batteries and 1x chargers included.

Steadicam 2.5-15 KG

Support vest

Support Arm

HDMI cable

Balance weights

Battery mount base

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