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September 18, 2017. 8 Minute Read. By Stanley Obiamalu (SOS)

It takes me quite a sometime to choose the final look for the artist that I am working with on any music video shoot. And it takes me even longer to approve the fashion stylist, make-up artist and hair stylist that will work with me on the set of an SOS Media Pro Video Shoot. This is because I am an extremely insanely brilliant guy who knows everything that there is to know about fashion and I possess a fantastic fashion sense (Just Kidding). On a serious note though, I am of the opinion that fashion styling, hair and make- up fused in harmony can create a buzz that not only
gets your target audience speaking about your video but also positions an artist as a trend setter. Why does style matter in a video? Ever wonder how the public (you) and the people behind the scenes (me) get to be in the know about what is trending in

fashion and style?. Well, it’s because music and music video content has the ability to influence emotions and ultimately influence actions. That being said a stylish video does both the artist and
his music video a world of good because fans can be had even if they don’t like your music, your style can influence them to actually want to wear what they saw you wearing and the fans matte. Let me put it this way: The right hair do, make up and clothing on the artist you are filming can make all the difference when it comes to promoting your video, and here is why- music triggers emotion better than any art form in history.

Research has proven that the most common goal of music whether watching music, performing music or listening to music is to affect human emotions 1 Other researchers in the field of emotions and psychology have found that human beings main uses for music and musical experiences, to change emotions, to release emotions, to match their current emotions, to enjoy or comfort themselves

1 . Patrick, N., Justin & Daniel Vastfjall (2008). Behavioural and Brain Sciences. 31 (page or to relieve stress. Basically music can trigger emotions and emotions channelled in the positive
can influence the mind, behaviour and character of all of us including your target audience.

Emotions themselves are powerful, so powerful that some have argued that emotions are the
primary influences of decision making for most if not all human beings. A good sales man knows that to get customers to buy, he must make the customer feel good about what the customer is about to purchase. A good director knows that whether it’s a film a documentary or a music video, the place of music in triggering emotions cannot be exaggerated. But for the purpose of relevance let’s focus on Music Videos.

In a music video, especially for an upcoming artist, no one wants to believe that their music is not the next best thing; no one wants to believe that they cannot be the next Jay-Z or the next Wiz-Kid. And while I believe in keeping the dream alive and nobody whey no fit to make am, we all should be mindful of the fact that in the entertainment world a music demo is submitted to the radio station every day, millions of people hear different songs on a daily basis and yet millions of people pay attention to the few songs from artist that have already become famous in the industry. The second fact to be noted is that people also pay attention to new, prospective upcoming artist. And, if you were an upcoming artist, you should probably pay attentions to this; the audience you target can get you the attention you want when the video you shoot has the zest that they are looking for. What I mean is even if your music is not much of an attention grabber and you are still working on your craft, you can leave a lasting impression with your videos especially if you are able to influence your target audience with elements on your video such as fashion and style. Have you ever heard a song that you liked but when you saw the video you weren’t even impressed or have you ever heard a song that you really did not like on the radio and when you saw the video you were impressed by style composition and combination in the video? Well I have, you may have and so many people out there have done the same. But let’s take a look at some of the best influences of style in history. In the 90’s Timberland boots were part of the fashion item of most of the top hip hop and rap artists in and even though hip hop and rap music scene has changed dramatically, the Timberland craze is still very much around. 2 Let’s bring this analysis back to the 21st century and there’s no
better place to start than “Under my Um-bu- rella Ella Ella hey hey hey” You guessed it! Fashion took on a new trend that had all the girls getting that Rhianna Modern Asymmetrical Bob Cut. 3 More recently Rhianna or miss “Rhi Rhi” who I think is an awesome, talented, trend setting fashion icon, hit the TV with that Work video featuring drake. In the video, she wears a slinky net dress with a matching crochet bikini designed by Tommy Hilfiger that defines the clothing choices for a lot of club going

2 The Timberland hyper link that I discovered

3 The Rhianna hair style things girls in Lagos, Johannesburg and the rest of the

world. 4 But why are people highly influenced by music videos. The first is, music can trigger emotions and the second reason is human beings really don’t make rational decisions 90% of the time most of the decisions of people are primarily based on their feelings at the time they take a decision even when this thought is against logic

Rational decision making are descriptively implausible especially if taken as a process model. In other words, the idea that human beings take time and invest efforts to produce a list of advantages and disadvantages, or costs and benefits for all alternatives in each single decision on the basis of rational calculation of those is not only at odds with natural introspection but would also not constitute an advantageous strategy. 5 Simply put, we don’t have the time and ability to put our mind through such processes every single

4 What are the measurable influcences of that dress

5 Marcel Zeelenberg., Dols M.A. Nelissen,

time we want to make a decision. So, when it feels good, looks good or sounds good, we get an
emotional trigger and we as humans always interact with what triggers our emotions. The components of emotions which are important to note are feelings: (Perceived physical and mental sensation), thoughts: (ideas, plans, conceptions or opinions produced by mental ability), Action tendencies: (Impulses and inclinations to respond with a particular action), Action: (Behaviour that may or may not be positive) and emotivational goals: (Goals that accompany discrete emotions such as goal of wanting to avoid danger when the emotion of fear is triggered or the goal of wanting to recover from a loss in case of sadness). 6 In a formulaic arrangement, feelings trigger thoughts, thoughts trigger action tendencies, action tendencies trigger actions, actions trigger emotivational goals and eventually these all leads to decisions that are made. The first step to creating a stylish video is to get the right theme for your video or the underlining idea

6 . Marcel Zeelenberg and the rest of the people for your video. The theme has got to be the first
thing that is established once the theme of the video has been established, a style can be attached to the cast members that are wearing the A stylish video can make all the difference in not only increasing your fan base but also getting you noticed for more than just the music you offer and making you a trend setter for a long time to come. And just because I am a generous guy, you can CLICK HERE to see an Oriental / African themed video shoot coming to your TV screen courtesy of SOS media pro.


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